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5 Tips for Totally Destressing this Easter Weekend

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As we move out of winter and into the warm sunshine of spring, it can be difficult to let go of cloying stresses and worries that threaten to taint the first days of spring. This Easter weekend, why not focus on letting go of any anxiety and stress that has been weighing you down? We have put together 5 of our top tips for totally distressing this Easter weekend, which will leave you feeling fully refreshed and serene after your 4 day break.

Take a walk.

As sunny days become a more frequent occurrence, we have fewer excuses for not going outside. Going for a gentle stroll has many benefits, aside from your physical health. Gentle exercise releases endorphins, or ‘happy hormones’, which lighten your mood and give you a more positive outlook.

Getting out in the sun also exposes you to vitamin D, which is known to boost your energy and improve your mood. Low levels of vitamin D in the blood has been linked to depression, so if you spend your days cooped up in an office, then take advantage of your 4 day break and go outside.     

Create breathing space.

When you become angry, anxious, or stressed, it can be difficult to remember why you should remain calm. Taking 3 minutes to  meditate when everything is getting on top of you gives you a chance to break negative thought patterns before they gain a hold over your life. It also helps to ground you before your thoughts spiral out of control.

This Easter weekend, become aware of your thought patterns and gain control over them, you’ll thank yourself when you return to work or study refreshed and motivated.

Be grateful every day.

Appreciating the small things in your life can help to give you a more positive outlook, helping you to enjoy life that little bit more. Every day, try counting on your fingers the 10 things that you are grateful for. This will become increasingly harder after 3 or 4, however the point of the exercise is to bring to mind the tiny, potentially unnoticed positives from the day.

Do something pleasurable.

Frequently, it can be easy to fall into a state of anhedonia, where you can’t find pleasure in your life. It can feel like there is a thick fog between you and simple pleasures, with few things seeming rewarding anymore.

Counteract this feeling by gradually easing yourself back into the things that you used to like doing. Try out one of these options for size: take a hot bath, have a nap, treat yourself to your favourite food or hot drink without feeling guilty. Remember the people and places you used to enjoy, meet up with an old friend, get some exercise, bake a cake, read, listen to music.

With a 4 day Easter weekend, take advantage of the spare time and dedicate it to some well deserved me-time.

Turn it off.

Whether the TV, your mobile phone, or the computer is your vice, it is important to step away from the screen. This Easter weekend, try a no technology rule. You could enforce this for an hour, a day, or even the whole weekend if you are brave enough! Extended periods of computer use have been linked to stress, lost sleep and depression, whilst smart phones can insight unease due to the pressure felt to respond to messages instantly.

Reclaim this Easter weekend for yourself. Turn off your phone, ignore your emails, and relax.

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