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Helpful Hints for Keeping Warm This Spring

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The ambiguity of the weather in spring leads many of us to be caught by surprise. As the weeks get warmer, we’ll be more and more likely to leave the winter coat at home in favour of airy fabrics in light colours. It’s a tantalising time for fashion and no one could be blamed for wanting to embrace the freshness of the season. But don’t get caught out when that wind picks up a bit – use these tips to keep warm with these spring fashion tips.

Pashminas and Ponchos
Has there ever been a more simultaneously elegant and useful spring fashion accessory? Whether you choose a sturdy, tailored full poncho, or swing for a more supple, adaptable pashmina, you’ll feel exquisitely cosy whilst still embracing that light, uninhibited aura of spring. Pair yours with some elegant black jeans or some tailored trousers for a classy day-to-evening look. Our light grey poncho fits effortlessly into any capsule wardrobe.

The best aspect of the layering concept is that it will fit anyone of any style. Whether you embrace the opportunity for creativity in colour and pattern, or opt for simple elements hidden beneath one bold outer piece, you’ll be toasty without compromising a single factor of what makes your spring fashion unique to you. We advise coming into our shop with an open mind as sometimes what works can surprise you! Luckily our expert staff are on hand to guide you through the process of learning just what pieces can go together to make an ensemble pop.

Boots with Statement Socks
Luckily for fashionistas everywhere, the boots and socks combination remains stylish – and we can see why! You can opt for some rolled down cable knit socks with brown chelsea boots, or stride out in long, thick woollen socks with some elegant black boots upon your feet. No matter which style you lean towards, statement socks will give you that extra layer of toastiness which can allow for a lighter layer on top in place of that heavy winter coat.

Hats and Gloves
Ditch the coat without ditching any other warming accessories. A thick jumper with a stylish hat and some adorable mittens will keep you nicely toasty – and it offers so much flexibility which is useful for those moments when the sun does indeed come out and play! Simply whip the gloves off and reach for that glass of chilled wine. A woollen hat will work just as well as a dulcet floppy fedora, so this is a look that can be switched up each day of the week depending on your mood and works throughout the spring fashion season.

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