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How To Dress For Your Son Or Daughter’s Graduation Ceremony

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After a number of years slogging away at University, the time has finally come for your son or daughter to submit their dissertation and take their first steps into the real world. Yet before your children are met with the harsh reality of a working life, you must first throw on your best frock for their graduation ceremony.

Before you go choosing your dress for the big day, however, you must first understand the do’s and don’ts for a graduation ceremony outfit.

If you have never attended a graduation ceremony before, do not expect them to be rivalling a night at the Palladium. They can often be long winded and very dry, and by the end of the day, your hands will be red raw from non-stop clapping. Although you will want to look a million dollars for all the photos you will feature in, you will want to prioritise some level of comfort. Graduation season is also resigned to the summer, and although the weather in the UK is unpredictable at best, keep an eye on the weather forecast so you aren’t caught out on the day.

So now we’ve got all the practicalities out of the way, let’s discuss the most important question: what to wear?

The important thing to remember is that the graduation ceremony belongs to your son or daughter. It is a very happy and family-orientated occasion, but make sure your son or daughter remain the centre of attention for the whole day. With that in mind, when it comes to colour, a summery, coloured dress is perfectly fine, but don’t go overboard with patterns and dazzling colours. The last thing your child will want is their mother’s neon-Aztec dress to be the first thing people notice in their graduation snaps. On the flip side, as graduation ceremonies are a summer event, you don’t want to confuse this with a funeral or just another day at work. Find some middle ground and choose a simple, lighter shade of a primary colour and strip it back to basics.

‘Less is more’ really is the key when choosing an outfit for a graduation ceremony. This also extends to accessories. You want to aim for a sense of class and subtlety. There is a certain irony in the idea that you need to make the effort to look effortless, but that is the goal here. Strip it back and play it safe.

In terms of guidance for the types of dresses to wear, it is hard to offer universal styling tips as every woman is different. At Flair Designer Wear, we are more than willing to help you pick out a style that suits you and offer guidance on the perfect silhouette for your shape. When it comes to picking a colour, we will consider your natural skin tone and the colour of your hair to make sure you strike the perfect balance between overdoing it and underplaying it.

Our final point is perhaps the most poignant: don’t fret about your outfit. Although you will want to look your best and have everlasting memories of the day, remember that a graduation ceremony is a happy time and you should enjoy it. In ten years time, you won’t be remembering your dress, you will be reminiscing about the day itself and all the happy memories, so bear that in mind.

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