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What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

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Whatever your plans are for this New Year’s Eve, Flair Designer Wear will have something stunning that is suited to your style. We have nearly 20 years of experience when it comes to helping women find the perfect pieces for a variety of special occasions. We’ve put together a handy list that will help you work out what to wear for this New Year’s Eve.

Dinner Party
If you’ve been invited to a dinner party to ring in the New Year and are unsure of the dress code, we advise simply asking the host. They will be sure to appreciate your consideration, as if you appear underdressed you could risk offending your dinner companions, and arriving overdressed could make you feel uncomfortable for the duration of the dinner. We recommend pairing flattering and comfortable trousers with an eye-catching top for a dinner party. Alternatively you could wear a simple wrap-around dress with a statement necklace or a colourful scarf, either could be removed and stored in your handbag if you feel they are too much! Be sure to wear matching socks incase your host asks you to remove your footwear upon arrival!

Cocktail Bar
What a better way to celebrate the start of 2016 than with a cocktail in your hand? If you’re heading to a cool cocktail bar for New Year’s Eve then we suggest avoiding fabrics such as jersey, denim, and chino as they can be seen as a little too casual. Tailored trousers, an embellished top and fancy flats work together to create an outfit that would be perfect for a night like this. If you’re going to be frequenting a lot of your favorite establishments then make sure your shoes are comfortable!

Black Tie Event
This is often considered the most confusing dress code. At a black tie event it is often customary to wear a floor length gown. However, the rules have relaxed and it is now more than acceptable to opt for a shorter cocktail dress. We advise doing this if you are of a petite stature as long flowing gowns can often swap shorter women. When it comes to choosing the colour of your dress for a black tie event, we think rich colours work best in achieving a classy look. Jewel tones work wonderfully as do chic metallics. A black tie event presents a perfect opportunity to show of any special pieces of jewelry you may own; it really is a chance to sparkle!
If you feel that you budget is limited or that you would only wear this particular outfit once then why not consider hiring? Contact us on 01327 354100 for more information about our stunning range of evening wear.

Night In
Going out on New Year’s Eve isn’t for everyone; it can be just as fun stay in. Ditch the dress for comfortable loungewear and choose your slippers instead of stilettos. Surround yourself with those who are special to you, sip on something fizzy and stick the Hootenanny on! The money you’ll save means that you could treat yourself to something from our brilliant boutique!

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