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What To Wear to a Christmas Wedding: Cover Up or Show Off?

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Deciding what to wear to a wedding is tough as it is, but deciding what to wear to a Christmas wedding is a whole new level of confusion. You want to look smart and formal but don’t want anything that’ll cover you up too much. But it’s cold and likely to rain, so maybe you should cover up? Plus, you don’t want to upstage the bride.

Really, there’s no right or wrong. Wear what you feel is comfortable and fits well. We’ve put together a few tips to really help you get the very most out of your Christmas wedding outfit.

Faux Fur

If it seems like a great idea then it probably is! Don’t feel shy or unconfident when covering up with a gorgeous faux fur coat. Fur and dresses go hand in hand, and you’ll need something to get you through the night in the cold. Even a faux fur lining at the bottom of your dress will give you a feel for Mrs Claus.


We never really need an excuse to wear sequins, but if ever there was, a Christmas wedding would be one. Christmas is all about sparkly, shiny and shimmery and a sequin dress is perfect for the occasion. A forest green sequin dress fits in perfectly with the Christmas colour theme.

Long Dresses

Christmas is peak gown season so there’s no reason you shouldn’t choose one. Update one of your old favourites with accessories or go with something new and more contemporary. Gowns combine formal, warmth and glamour, so you don’t have to sacrifice. Go with a neutral or pastel coloured gown rather than something bold like red to avoid showing up the bride.


The more textures the better – it is Christmas, after all. A sequin dress with a faux fur coat paired with some feathered earrings says ultimate fashion.

If you’re looking for that perfect Christmas wedding dress or simply just want some styling advice, then visit our Towcester boutique and we’ll be happy to show you our beautiful collections.

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