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How to Style Fashion Spring and Summer Trend Outfits in 2016

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How to Style Spring and Summer Trend Outfits in 2016

Whether you are going for a lovely evening away or for a family day out, we have the perfect tips and tricks to style yourself this spring and summer. From our previous blog post, we took a look at the latest spring and summer trends of 2016, which gives us the opportunity on how to wear and incorporate these trendy styles. Here at Flair Designer Wear, we want our customers to be creative with their styles, and make it their own. This is why we have created a useful guide on how to style your outfits using the latest spring and summer trends for 2016.


This fashion spring and summer, it always seems that ruffles will be a fashion statement to any wardrobe. The ruffle effect has been created to bring out the detailed pattern and draw attention from any distance. It is suppose to be worn as a centerpiece to any given outfit. If you are looking to go for more of a dynamic look, then it is recommended to style it with simple and plain colored items.


The sequins on any given style will add shine and shimmer, acting as a centerpiece once again to any style. If you are wearing a sequin dress, be sure to style it with simple and neutral colors, such as your clutch, accessories and shoes. This will help to not go over the top with your style, since the sequins will already be enough to complete a fashionable look.

Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Maxi dresses and skirts are perfect for comfort and its versatility, where they seem to add flattery to any given outfit. Maxi dresses are easy to add layers on top of the dress or layers under the dress. It allows you to get creative with your style and accessories for the spring and summer. If you have a neutral colored maxi dress or skirt, be sure to layer it with warmer tones. For more bolder colored maxi dresses and skirts, white, black and brown layers work really well, such as blazers.


Pleated dresses and skirts often add a delicate touch to any given outfit, where it is not too much or not too little for the fashion spring and summer season. The best way to style pleated clothing is to make the waistband stand out otherwise it does not emphasis your beautiful shape. When it comes to maxi skirts, whether you are going for a plain top with a leather jacket or striped top with a plain fitted blazer, be sure to tuck your top in. When it comes to maxi dresses, add a slim or chunky belt to your waistband to create a completed look for the fashion spring and summer season.

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